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VDay Confession

February 13, 2015


Tomorrow is February 14, Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate and express love. A day of hearts and chocolates and roses and cuddly bears. A day of pinks and reds. A day of love notes and sonnets. A day of wining and dining. A day of I love yous. 

Despite the commercialism and materialism, I love this holiday. I love romance. I love the attention to love and relationships. I love to focus on the good about love. I love the feeling of celebrating love. I love seeing expressions of love. I love to be a Valentine. I love having a Valentine. I love saying I love you. I love being told I am loved.

I love love.

Confession by Frantisek Halas

Touched by all that love is
I draw closer toward you
Saddened by all that love is
I run from you

Surprised by all that love is
I remain alert in stillness
Hurt by all that love is
I yearn for tenderness

Defeated by all that love is
at the truthful mouth of the night
Forsaken by all that love is
I will grow toward you.

With love,

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