Two Degrees of Separation

August 2, 2013

Happy Friday peeps! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? But, that should be expected by now. I’m good for falling of on blog updates. *sigh* You still love me doe, right? 🙂

A few months ago some one approached me here at TWGS asking to interview me about being a Black woman with a PhD in STEM (science, tech, engineering, math). As vain as I pretend to be, I actually really hate talking about myself lol. But I am a strong advocate for mentoring and inspiring young people (omg, yeah, I’m officially old *facepalm*) and it is an honor for some one to think highly enough of me to want to tell my story. So I make myself get over the awkwardness and allow myself to be on display, so to speak.

So I had the opportunity to talk with Anjuan Simmons, a tech master and public speaker, via skype for his 2° Show. I’d seen a few of his other episodes with other people, and I really appreciated this platform he’d created to highly some really cool people doing great things with their craft. He even highlighted one of my friends/mentors from my college days, Tokiwa Smith, who started a non-profit organization for exposing students to STEM opportunities. To my surprise, my interview with Anjuan was less like an interview and more like a conversation – even though I did most of the talking lol (which may or may not be how most conversations with me go anyway).

I haven’t watched the “final product” and I probably won’t watch it. It’s weird to hear/see myself recorded – to me I sound funny and awkward and I always think “OMG did I say that? I didn’t mean to say it like that”. I don’t even like watching the Sh*t Diva Dudes Say to Bougie Black Girls YouTube video. The few times it’s been played in front of me (by some one else) I watch it cringing and rocking back and forth. This is the problem with being a person who overthinks EVERYTHING.

Nonetheless, I appreciate having the opportunity to be featured on the 2° Show. Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit for having finished my PhD and being part of an elite group in this country (omg I am the 1% – dammit). So while I don’t always think of myself as some one noteworthy, there are others who do, and remind me that the path I’ve traveled is no small feat. And for that I am truly grateful.  Much of my work is to inspire others to set their goals high and help them with the fools to reach them – because I certainly did, thanks to countless teachers, mentors, friends, and family.

Sooooo check me out!

Role modeling like a boss,
~Dr. Gem

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