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March 25, 2011

Please…. be seated. Pronto.

Almost 4 months into 2011 and this is only my 2nd post!!! Wow dude. I think it’s suffice to say I’m failing as a “blogger” right now. Between dissertation mode, GTLing (without the T… or L….) and new boo-dom, I can’t seem to find the time to sort through my opinionated thoughts and put them to use (minus a few random Twitter musings, that is).

But have no fear!!! Something quite ridiculous and side-eye worthy caught my attention recently that I decided to make my Twitter “SIT YO A$S DOWN” (#SYAD) rant official on the blog. And what was that ridiculous and side-eye worthy piece of non-sense that got me so fired up that I dusted off the ol’ TWGS site to dedicate my first #SYAD post, you ask? Welp…

Chris “I make bad life AND fashion decisions” Brown. *sigh*

For those who haven’t read or heard, C. Breezy appeared on Good Morning America earlier this week. As any media person would, Robin Roberts inquired about some legal issues that were still pending from his domestic violence case with Rih Rih from a couple years back. Breezy made every attempt to avoid talk of his past transgressions (a mistake, IMO), as he has done since the incident happened. Cool, fine, whatevs. But AFTER the interview and performance? This ninja goes back stage and throws a damn TANTRUM!!! [Allegedly]. This chile [allegedly] tore up his room, ripped off his shirt, chucked up his deuces (one would assume), and dipped before performing one last time, as was scheduled. (o_O)

Lemme get this straight, Mr. Brown. You pitched a fit because a news anchor asked you–a celebrity who’s life has been on blast since you stepped into the spotlight–about a very public incident with another prominent celebrity in your personal life that is still unsolved and which you still have yet to discuss publicly? C’mon son. You want people to take you and your  music seriously but you’re getting pissy over a legitimate question we all are curious about (more so than your lame album)? Riiiiiiight. You need to have this here seat -> _

Look here Breeze, I think I speak for all people named Gem when I say, you have some growing up to do. And I think some seated time-out is the best time for you to do some reflecting and maturing. Because no one takes immature douche bags seriously just because they b*tch and moan about it.

To aid you in your quest, here are some reasons you need to #SYAD and shouldn’t get back up until you get more people:

  1. You’re a cry baby. You through a tantrum because some one who reports the news asked you about, well, news. And whether you like it or not Mr. Brown, your still on going legal troubles are news. Perhaps you forgot, but you’re not a STAR unless the media is giving you attention. Otherwise, you’re just another ninja who caught a case. So there’s really no need to throw ish on the set of a MEDIA op because the media is curious about your very public personal life.
  2. You seem to lack honesty and humility and acceptance. Just because you donned an ugly apology blouse and went on Larry King in a highlighter blue bowtie to basically NOT talk about why you were apologizing doesn’t mean the issue is in the past and off limits. People still have questions and people are still genuinely curious how you’re rebuilding your career in the midst of your legal battle. And that’s fair. You want the public to accept you, despite your mistakes, yet you haven’t really showed us your humble side or any willingness to be transparent and show your humanity. So why not just set the record straight by addressing the issue directly once and for all? On top of all that, you clearly need professional therapy. You’re in denial so you can’t even see how destructive your behavior is. You have mindless fans calling themselves “Team Breezy” –but instead of supporting your well-being by encouraging you to seek help, they’re adding to your self-entitled attitude and essentially rooting for you to fail in the long run. It’s sad.
  3. Yes, you made a mistake. But now you’re just a jerk about it. Despite what you may think, there are probably more people are rooting FOR you than AGAINST you. If you are all about your fans and having a positive public image, why don’t you show more willingness to cooperate and speak pleasantly to the issue? Even if you want to avoid those questions in interviews, be respectful about declining to speak on it. Attitude and angry tantrums doesn’t help your cause. Instead, you’re on twitter swearing off your haters and enemies. If you were really past all the BS, you wouldn’t seem so angry and bitter.
  4. You think people who criticize you are “hating on” you. Chile please. It’s clear Rih Rih still has issues. That child is off looking like Wendy’s poster child and singing songs of domestic violence (see “Russian Roulette” & Eminem’s “Love the Way You Life“). She’s likely suffering from battered woman’s syndrome. And yes, by you beating her a$s, you are partly to blame for this. We see Rih Rih looking crazy, we think it might be some residual brain damage from you bashing her face in. And now you’re looking like Sisqo as an inmate (see below). So…. we can’t help but question the things you do. It’s out of curiosity and concern. Not hate. Don’t flatter yourself–we don’t want to BE you. You aren’t at a point of redemption, yet.
  5. You look like a wife beater. In a wife beater.

    Case closed.

Though I’m a neuroscientist and not a psychologist, I still think I could diagnose the hell outta Chris and Rihanna. But I don’t think it takes a professional degree in counseling to know that these two still have unresolved issues and neither of them have really moved on from the incident. *shrug* Just my 10cent…

*end rant*

Any thoughts on the matter? Am I being too hard on CBreeze since, afterall, he’s just a “kid”? Do you think he owes any explanations for his sitch with Rih Rih? Is he on the road to being the poster child for Anti-Anger Management or is it just a phase?

Diagnosing crazies since… yesterday,
~Gem the Doc

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  • Reply Wu Young Agent of M.E. March 25, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    I haven’t been keeping up with Chris or Rhi-Rhi but I think they both have a ton of issues that were probably caused by fame, sh*tty parenting, enabling, and too much scrilla. I still think these two will end up together again (or never stopped seeing each other) which may be a good or bad thing. (Everyone knows a couple like this.) Other than looking at Rhi-Rhi, their act got really boring and sad. I blame Jay-Z.

    • Reply gemmieboo March 25, 2011 at 1:45 pm

      Other than looking at Rhi-Rhi, their act got really boring and sad.

      agreed. i think we’re more fascinated by the train wreck than their “talent”. hence why the media is more interested in CB’s court case than his music. we only care about the interesting ish. *shrug*

      i dont think theyll get back together. i just think theyll repeat the same mistakes with different ppl, sadly.

  • Reply N.I.A.naturally March 25, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Chris obviously has anger issues, and he needs extensive, intensive therapy. He may even need group therapy with his mom and the man who beat her. His issues are old, and he needs to start with the source. Rihanna needs therapy, too, but she seems to be acting out by running from man to man, while Chris is being angry, volatile, and belligerent.

    • Reply gemmieboo March 26, 2011 at 7:22 pm

      you’re absolutely right. i didnt go into it much in the post (though looking back i prob should) that he needs therapy. and not with a “pastor”. with a professional therapist. because he is NOT ok. i really do hope he realizes his music and #TeamBreezy fans arent the help he needs.

  • Reply MsEvaHoney March 26, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    He definitely gets a #SYAD award. Cosign with the majority of the post but I wonder what talking about it now would do in light of his recent outburst? He really does need help and maybe you are right if address it, maybe people will stop asking about it. He is sadly mistaken if he thinks the public is just going to let that ish go. Come on son, you are famous, she is famous and you beat her ass and you want people to let it go? Bish please. What I truly don’t understand is him destroying other’s people property. Naughty by nature. The best way for the public to forget you beat ur girl’s ass is by throwing a chair, smashing a window and ripping your shirt off?! Hated it! In Living Color. I guess for me at the end of the day I don’t care what he has to say. I had a some hope for him, but after this recent outburst….naw. He gets a

    • Reply gemmieboo March 26, 2011 at 7:26 pm

      Cosign with the majority of the post but I wonder what talking about it now would do in light of his recent outburst?

      thats a valid question. but honestly, i think with him talking about it will bring some self-realization. like, i really dont think he recognizes he has a problem and that he needs counseling. because he refuses to acknowledge the incident. he wants the public to forget about it and move on, when in fact forgetting this is exactly whaqts needs to NOT happen. cant change when you refuse to face your demons head on. denial is a mutha, i tell ya.

      sadly, i dont think he’ll change. he thinks hes justified in his current behavior and he has awful little trolls (aka as “Team Breezy”) who are fueling the flames… *smdh*

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