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The Eve of 3D

July 6, 2013


I meant to have this post up yesterday but work life was hectic and I was preparing for my great escape home – a last minute travel plan to spend my 30th with my family.

As 30 comes within my grasp, I can’t help but make a mental check list of all the things I’ve done or haven’t done up to this point. I wonder how my life would have turned out had I done things differently or set different priorities. Admittedly, I have looked at friends my age who have accomplished and attained things I wanted.

Not that I wish my life was different or think some one else’s life is better, it just causes me to reflect and access my life goals. Am I happy with what I have now? Have I done all I could do up until now? Is my life going in the direction is should?

I don’t know what it is about 30 that makes it such a celebrated or dreaded age, but I feel totally caught up in it. Maybe it’s the roundness and evenness of the number, or the fact that it marks the beginning if a new decade. Being a 20 something seems like an age of the young, not fully matured, frivolous. The 30s seems to mark true maturity and sensibility. While 30 somethings may continue to be young at heart and have a youthful exuberance, they put away childish ways and plan for the future rather than try to keep up with the past. No longer are they searching for who they are but are marveling in who they have become. To me, 30 is an age of acceptance and understanding.

While I’m not completely satisfied with all aspects of my life, I am happy and fulfilled. I am comfortable with the woman I’ve become and feel a sense of pride for all that I have accomplished and have yet to still do.

I welcome 3D, the big 3-0, dirty/flirty 30 and I’m happy to bask in all the beauty that this round, even number brings.

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