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Deciding When to Walk Away

July 16, 2015


The other night I watched the Season 4 premiere of Basketball Wives LA. I could call the reality show a “guilty pleasure” but I feel naan guilt about watching it. I enjoy the antics of the show’s spirited cast. I feel a connection with them. Like, I get them. We’re >>here<<.  {Continue Reading}

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Goal Mining

July 9, 2015


On a recent hike, a friend of mine was telling me about his family and was particularly animated and passionate when he described the men in his life – his father and uncles. He told me about their hustles and grinds to create and take advantage of various opportunities in order to build their careers and provide for their families. Their work ethic undoubtedly influenced the man he was and the type of life he was working to have for the family he would one day start.   {Continue Reading}

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Birthday Text

July 7, 2015


Today is July 7, the anniversary of my birth. I’m not big on celebrating my birthday but I do love getting texts, calls, FB messages, and freestyle bday vmail raps in acknowledgment of my living another year from friends and family.

There’s one bday text in particular that always stands out. Since 2010 (or so), I have received a “Happy Birthday!” text from the same unsaved number. I respond, “thank you!” And communication with this unsaved number ceases.  {Continue Reading}

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The Halfway Point

July 2, 2015


Today is the 183rd day of the year 2015. There are 182 days left before another new calendar year starts. We’re at the halfway point, folks. Congrats!

I will be 32 in 5 days. This is a great time to reflect on the last 6 months, and consider what could lie ahead for the next 6 months.  {Continue Reading}

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Clearing the Mind

May 8, 2015


My mind often (always?) feels cluttered. Crowded with many thoughts. Creating traffic jams up and down the information highways of my brain. Neural systems putting in overtime processing and planning.  Recalling, replaying, reminding, reconsidering. In need of parking garages to be stored, with spaces neatly marked to find when a return is necessary.  {Continue Reading}


Tell Me More

May 5, 2015


Overthink. Overanalyze. Fixate. Perfect. Critique. Question.

Constant self reflection and disparagement is something I do early and often. It is a routine I know. One I’m comfortable in. One I thrive (or drown?) in. Because it is easy to be my worst (best?) critic. If I am hard on me, it will soften the blow of some one else pointing out my shortcomings. Always prepared to take myself down a notch. {Continue Reading}

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Attitude: Be Happy

March 18, 2015


The older I get, the more I realize what a swindle adulthood is. As a child (and even young adult) I thought adults are supposed to live the high life because naturally life could only get better with fewer restrictions and more privileges.

And then I became an adult.

And shit got real. {Continue Reading}

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