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Gem’s NFL Week 8 “Best Week Ever” Recap

November 3, 2010

You got a purty mouf.

I made some good picks in football this week. Apparently the picks I made in the mid-term elections didn’t pan out nearly as well *smh*. Can’t win em all, I suppose…

  • Buffalo had yet another OT loss to high-ranked team. They’re apparently treating every game like a Super Bowl. They may be last in the league but they’re #1 in our hearts!! Or… not…
    • @BlkSportsOnline Miss FGs galore at one wants to win this game
  • The Rams beating the beatable Panthers still neither confirms nor denies their eligibility to be considered a legit football team. They have a decent record in a weak division and lest we forget they got mollywop’d by Dee Lions (yikes!). I’m not quite a believer. The jury is still out…
  • While the Brits attending the Broncos/9ers game might have been impressed seeing a “football” score higher than 1 or 2 points, I’m sure they’d have much rather been eating fish & chips while watching Law & Order: UK on the telly than watch two D-list football teams play around in the grass.
  • Things Mike Shanahan Should Have Done Instead of Benching Donovan McNabb:
    1. Asked himself, “Who the hell is Rex Grossman?”
    2. Considered trading Rex Grossman for Les Grossman.
    3. Started Tony Romo and Bob Sanders in his fantasy football league.
    4. Released PR statement admitting to being  an active member of the KKK.
    5. Campaigned for Christine O’Donnell.
    6. Funded the production of Belly 3.
    7. Signed to Turquoise Jeep Records (home of hits “Lemme Smang It” and “Fried or Fertilized”).
    8. Sent pictures of his “skins” to Brett Favre.
  • While Greg Jennings was out tricking and treating on Revis Island, Nacho was on the sideline planning which sugar skulls to use for his Dia de los Muertos ofrenda. I didn’t realize getting shut down and shut out was part of the School of Hard Knocks curriculum.
    • @BlkSportsOnline If you wonder why no Jets/Packers tweets…Well the game his been unspeakably bad so
    • @djenygma: But hey, Rex, u just gave Suh another solid highlight for his Rookie of the Year reel… see, u contributed… right… there
  • Even with Miami playing at a low, Cincy can’t WIN *smh*. We haven’t seen Batman & Robin look this bad since… well… Batman & Robin (#shoutout to Warner Bros). I think TOcho is more likely to end up in the NFL’s 1st gay marriage than to lead the Bengals to victory.
    • @edthesportsfan The Dolphins are literally trying to hand the Bengals this game. I don’t know if the Bengals even want to take it.
  • Despite having the largest, most lavish stadium in the league, “America’s Team” (o_O) REFUSES to make Cowboys Stadium a locale of triumph and prosperity. I’m guessing losing is the price you pay to be elitist, America. Tsk tsk tsk.
    • @AngryBlkManDC Cowboys went from the possible homecoming queen to the broad that got a train run on her the first semester of school
    • @EricStangel: In an unprecedented move, the Dallas Cowboys made the entire roster inactive today…#NFL
  • Not only am I ecstatic about the continual downfall of Dallas, but I’m thrilled the Jags’ Garrard did his thing with a near perfect passing rating–repping Black QBs well! #Rawr
  • See what happens when the Bolts ditch the brown for the bunny to recharge?? WE FINALLY WIN ANOTHER GAME B*TCHES!!!!!!!!
  • Fun fact: Not only did my Bolts win against a good team, they’ve been beating this team since 1993. Apparently, we’re the ONLY team Titans coach Fisher hasn’t beaten. In yo face, suckas! *doing excessive pelvic thrusts* #takethat #takethat
  • Sidenote: I’m still debating on whether or not my loyalty best serves the Bolts by praying they have a losing season to ensure a Norv disappearance. Winning enough games to ensure a playoff appearance (thanks AFC West!) could mean trouble. Ugh, IDK! SMH. TBD.
  • Moss lost to former NE teammates. How apropos for introducing this episode of “When Randy Moss Gets Fired For Doing Randy Moss Sh*t”—watch as he expresses gushy nostalgia for NE promptly followed by getting the boot from MN for being the a$s-pain NE couldn’t tolerate either.
  • While Chilly’s waste of a 3rd round draft pick was reckless as hell, its clear most teams are willing to risk losing a great receiver so they don’t have to deal with douchey ninja antics. Moss just needs a coach he can respect and will give him a reality check.
  • As for the Favre getting laid out (after an impressive drive down the field), well… I think I speak for all grandparent-loving individuals when I say sometimes ya need to just sit ya old a$s down. Can’t be that old man in the club forever, Lorenzo—at some point you have to embrace bingo, shuffle board, rocking chairs, and pissing your pants like other senior citizens.
    • @sportsguy33 Ironically, Favre is like Michael Myers by the end of Halloween 2: shot 6 times, repeatedly stabbed, set on fire, still moving…
    • @ethiopianboy just woke up a little while ago. is favre dead yet? did he have his life alert on him?
  • Da Raiders are on a roll! Then again, did anyone really take the Seahawks seriously? Nonetheless, I think the Crypt Keeper (Al Davis) really DID say, “just WIN baby WIN!”
  • The #BlackandGold defeated the #BlackandYellow. The current Champs defeated the former Champs. WhoDat defeated WhoDatInDaBathroom. Brees defeated Ben. Beignets defeated Pierogies.
  • Sidenote: I was more impressed with the costumes and face paint of people in the stands than I was with what was happening on the field.
    • @thetillshow What yall think Jeff Reed was drankin on? Cuz you KNOW he aint sober
  • NO surprise Indy took down H-Town. You’d be insane to doubt Manning on a Monday night. The Mann would win MNF with no hands! #iStan4theMann

Yours Truly (and Outrageously)
~The Geminator

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  • Reply keisha brown November 3, 2010 at 2:47 pm


    My faves?
    Bills treating games like the SB. CANNONS FIRED!!
    Started Tony Romo and Bob Sanders in his fantasy football league
    excessive pelvic thrusts + diddy in the same sentence<–died actually. died.
    @ethiopianboy just woke up a little while ago. is favre dead yet? did he have his life alert on him? <–i've fallen and i cant get up! bwahahahaa….

    But THEEE best sentence of ALLLL time…
    WhoDat defeated WhoDatInDaBathroom. Brees defeated Ben. Beignets defeated Pierogies.
    dies in 4 languages.

    On another note: QuarterBlack BABY!!! Im even proud of how McNabb handled the press post game. *in my best Deion voice: what he REALLY meant to say was: That's sum bulllllllllllshyt!!

    I give this post 2 thumbs up.
    The Hi-C

    • Reply gemmieboo November 3, 2010 at 2:50 pm

      lmao i love you kb. and i cant take credit for the tony romo line–that was @ethiopianboy’s brainchild LOL. the rest?? thank my sleepless nights and excessive caffeine highs.

  • Reply Wu Young Agent of M.E. November 4, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Has the media stopped talking about Randy Gene Moss V yet?
    Mike S, who I kinda of still hate from his days as the Broncos head coach, strikes me as the type of guy who cannot admit that he’s wrong under any circumstance. Rex Grossman?

    Good post Gem


    • Reply gemmieboo November 4, 2010 at 3:42 pm

      i havent been paying much attention to sports media but it seems many ppl are “meh” about it. *shrugs*

      mikey boy def has to work on his decision making skills. like, how can you take your own self seriously after that whole situation?!?! yikes.

      your raiders are actually looking like a football team–good job!

      • Reply Wu Young Agent of M.E. November 4, 2010 at 3:57 pm

        I read a piece by Jason Whitlock where he was saying that Rex and Mikey boy’s son were tight too. Was that worth the loss of your locker room? Methinks no.

        You said “your raiders” like thats a swear or something. Tsk, tsk.

        Seriously, when are the Bolts going to fire Norval and A.J. Smith?

      • Reply gemmieboo November 5, 2010 at 10:33 am

        i dont read Jason Whitlock, he makes soul twitch. i dont think their sons being close has anything to do with anything. but what do i know?

        your raiders is offensive now?? gosh, sensitive arse ninjas!

        like bill simmons, i have a google alert set for when the Norv termination commences.

  • Reply Chexless November 5, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Now Gem, I could never be as cool as you to get into this but I’m reading some of this stuff. I find myself chuckling even if I still don’t get it lol lol. I said it on Berook’s post: I miss thee! 🙁

    Fun fact: Not only did my Bolts win against a good team, they’ve been beating this team since 1993. Apparently, we’re the ONLY team Titans coach Fisher hasn’t beaten. In yo face, suckas! *doing excessive pelvic thrusts* #takethat #takethat

    I died at the pelvic thrusts. Lol

    And I saw something about sending pictures of “skins”. Tehehe’n only because I happened to read the article about Favre sending meat pics.

    And the Geminator?
    G’head withcha bad self

    • Reply gemmieboo November 5, 2010 at 10:36 am

      chexless?? lol oh sukez *smh*

      i’m still around, just not writing anything but sports stuff. got a lot on my mind but oddly enough, not enough time to sort through my thoughts. i havent even been around to your blog (or others) to catch up on whats goin on in their worlds. one of these days im gonna do a drive by commenting on all archived posts lol.

      i am glad you enjoyed my pelvic thrusts as much as i enjoyed thursting my pelvis.

    • Reply Wu Young Agent of M.E. November 5, 2010 at 10:49 am

      I generally don’t read Fatty Whitlock or Simmons. I just caught that one article.

      “Your Raiders” had a real pejorative tone to it. It’s been a long decade okay.

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