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Gem’s NFL Week 10 “Best Week Ever” Recap

November 19, 2010

"Ain't this a b*tch?!"

What a week for football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shocking tales of #iNFLception continue to grow and make me question why anyone would ever doubt the superiority of the NFL to the NBA. Any. Given. Sunday. B*tch! Sidenote: I had to check the standings to make sure that the Bolts didn’t manage to get another L on their bye week (ya never know with those guys).

  • The Dirty Birds take down the Purple Pigeons in the Winged and Unclean Bowl. ATL is still counting wins as they take over as the best team in the NFC. Why weren’t they this good when I was there?
  • Dear Titans, how does it feel to take out 2 of the Dolphins QBs and STILL lose by over 10pts…. coming off a BYE WEEK?!
  • Dear Randy, how does it feel to be inadequate and virtually unused by your new team?
  • Dear Miami, how does it feel to get a bizarre yet triumphant win at home after a 5-home game losing streak?
  • Just when I thought the Texans might be in it to win it (based on @miss_tlee’s tweets) and were prepared to take their team into OT, they got punk’d! Texan’s DB Quin spiking Garrad’s 50yd Hail Mary pass right into the Jag’s WR Thomas’s hands was priceless! #GotchaBitch!
  • P.S. Quin—see what happens when you confuse a professional fball game with a heated volleyball match at your family’s 4th of July cookout? *smh*
  • While Mark Sanchez is still an overrated QB (sorry Nacho, but its true), his pass to Santonio Holmes in the last 16sec of OT was a thing of beauty. Santonio is good for making great game-winning plays.
  • Truth be told, for such a talented team whose coach has an I’ll-eat-you-for-dinner-cuz-my-belly-has-room attitude, there’s no good reason the Jets got taken into OT AGAIN by a lesser team. Jets—pick up a shake weight and go back to training camp. Oh, and fire Folk’s no kicking a$s.
  • Buc’s Josh Freeman was yet another QBLack who led his team to victory this past Sunday against the banged up Panthers. The league’s youngest team is doing their thing!
  • After the Favre’s career high in passing yds last week, he fell to exhaustion and old age as Chicago’s Jay Cutler outplayed him and led Da Bears to victory.
  • Meanwhile, Chilly is still employed. Who does Lil Favre have to screw to get a respectable coach around here?
  • Congrats to the Bills finally getting their first W!!!!!!!! So what if it’s just over De Lions?? A win is a win. I feel like they have a bright future ahead… (o_O) #wishfulthinking
  • While T.O. is busy shouting out his haters and promoting his TOcho Show on twitter, the Bungles are continuing to suck all the balls he’s not catching. I think I speak for all higher-thinking mammals when I say T.O. needs to saddown and STFU focus less on ripping McNabb’s contract/MNF performance and focus on the sh*ttiness of his own QB and the 13pts the Colts scored on his 5 turnovers.
  • To Peyton—what’s going on with you, boo? Nan TD for the 2nd time this season? If you need a shoulder to lean on… here’s my shoulder, you can lean on me.
  • Tweets:
    • @BlkSportsOnline This might be shocking, but Carson Palmer threw another INT
  • The sorry behind Broncos came out of nowhere for their highest scoring game in decades and beat the crap out of the counterfeit Chefs. Kyle Orton was so on fire with his career high of 4 TDs that allowed Tebow to make an appearance to play around on the field for fun.
  • KC, look on the bright side—you are allowing my Bolts room to move up the ranks. So, I thank you!
  • I’m unsure whether to take back what I said about the G-men last week for losing to a [then] 1-7 team or to commend the Cowgirls for their epic revival and shocking win over a literal NFC giant. Maybe the best thing to say is just… WOW!
  • Jason Garrett must have built an altar to the football gods. Backup QB Kitna was playing like a champ and Dez Bryant, for once, wasn’t the only player giving it his all. They won’t make the playoffs but at least they’re showing signs of life.
  • Disclaimer: I loathe the Cowlicks but them playing decently is a necessary evil. What fun is it to hate teams that stink and show NO sign of successful futures (see: Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers)? That’s like saying “you fail at living” to patients on life support in the ICU. It may be true but it’s pointless and it’s rude.
  • Tweets:
    • @ethiopianboy cowboys look very good. i hope ESPN can contain their erection long enough to remember that other teams exist.
    • @thetillshow Still a Romosexual? RT @cthagod: Dear Dallas Cowboy haters in my @ replies, May the Devil be with you in all you do.
  • Seattle whooped up on Arizona—no real surprise there. With this win, the Seahawks, in true mediocre Western division form, are leading the NFC West at only 5-4—no real surprise there either.
  • While I’m sure most people could care less about the Mediocrity Bowl featuring the Rams vs 9ers, you gotta love that Troy Smith is yet another QBLack having a winning week, getting the 9ers to their 3rd win (his 2nd as a starter) this season. #smallvictories
  • Picture this: I’m in San Diego for a research conference with my lab and other colleagues from Pgh (including @ethiopianboy). I invite them all (~10) to my parents house to watch the SNF game since all but one (a damn Pats fan! o_O) are Steeler fans. Night started off rowdy with excitement and lots of sh*t talking. We’re eating, drinking, and being merry. Let’s just say that at the end of the night everyone left rather quietly. *smdh*
  • All I can say about the game is… the Stillers (Big Ben especially) were out played and out coached. Apparently, Belichick rarely loses 2 games in a row, so… Pgh was bound to suffer the consequences of NE’s loss to the Browns last week. *shrugs*
  • Tomlin—learn how to use timeouts (yall stink at this) and effectively execute 2min drills. Oh, and congrats on FINALLY getting rid of Jeff Reed, he’s turr-uh-bo!!!!
  • What can be said about the E-A-G-L-E-S kicking the living daylights out of the Skins that hasn’t already been said? I mean… O_O yikes!
  • Well… (1) It was a train wreck, just turr-uh-bo, but… I couldn’t stop watching. I don’t think I wanted to stop watching. I was fascinated. (2) Vick is amazing to watch. The brotha did his THING!! He was slaughtering slaying murdering playing in a very superior fashion to his weak opponents, much to their detriment. [#properKGtalk to avoid language of past “incidents” for Ron Mexico] (3) WHAT THE %#&$ WERE THESE COACHES THINKING?!?! The Eagles were demolishing the Skins yet both Vick AND McNabb are still in the game until the very end of Q4?! I can understand Vick going for stats/records, but he’s prone to injury—give him a damn break. And McNabb???? He’s not up to par to run a 2min drill when the team was actually in a position to win last week but all of a sudden he’s essential to a game they have no chance in hell at winning? #FOHBowl
  • P.S. I can’t help but laugh AND shake my head at DeSean Jackson’s “too soon” comment about his team’s stunning performance. Foot, meet Mouth. #cmonson #ninjassaythedarnedestthings
  • Tweets:
    • @GemoftheOcean anyone STILL upset about vicks transgressions needs to get over it. there are more serious crimes being committed against HUMANS worldwide (don’t even get me STARTED on ppl still bringing up Vick and the dogs, ugh!)
    • @PeterGriffyJr: Every time Mike Vick scores a touchdown, a pitbull get its wings
    • @Vandalyzm: Martin calling Tommy Washington Headskin > Washington Redskins
    • @famrussell: God is CLEARLY not from DC
    • @thetillshow No property value for DeAngelo. RT @edjames01: DeAngelo Hall island is in foreclosure

Did I miss anything? Does anyone think the Cowboys will continue to play as well as they did against NYG? Any predictions for who’ll show up in the Super Bowl?

Reporting from Sunny Charger Country,
~Gemmie, NFL Lover ▪ Profiler ▪ Ball-buster

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  • Reply That Damn African November 19, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    F*ck the Eagles. #thatisall

  • Reply Wu Young Agent of M.E. November 19, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    I’m just pissed I can’t see the Raiders Steelers game because we’re forced to watched the Panthers every week.

  • Reply gemmieboo November 19, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    gee, thanks for your lack of insight, fellas.

  • Reply Wu Young Agent of M.E. November 19, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    Gemmie, outside of Mike Vick putting his hand up DC’s skirt last week was just typical of this season. No team wants to step up. Honestly I only watched two games. Most of the games on tv were just boring. I promise to do better next week.

    • Reply gemmieboo November 19, 2010 at 10:05 pm

      i see. no SB predictions?

  • Reply Wu Young Agent of M.E. November 19, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Dirty Birds vs…

  • Reply keisha brown November 21, 2010 at 1:44 am

    saunters in late…
    lets see
    but like you mentioned, the fact both qbs were still playing SOO late IN THE RAIN..had my heart palpitating jussssss a lil bit.

    Im nervous about this game tomorrow night vs the gmen. they’ve killed/maimed/murked 8,432 qb’s this season and i just. cant. handle any more merry go round with my qb’s.

    the hi-c

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