Gem’s NFL (No Freakin Lockout) Week 8 Recap

November 2, 2011

You blew it, Brees!!!! (<--see what i did there?)

Can I just say that I got KILLED in fantasy football in one of my leagues because arguably 80% of my best players were on bye?! So tragic…

The Recap

  • I honestly couldn’t believe that Baltimorefound itself in a pickle again, for the 2nd week in a row, against yet another crap-tastic team. At the half, they were trailingArizona by 18 and I wasn’t confident that Joe “I Don’t Know How to Be a Good QB” Flacco1 could pull it together.
  • Biggest comeback in Ravens history. Defense finally stepped it up and Ray Rice went HAM (3 TDs)!!
  • While I have little to no faith in some QBs (new and old), Minny rookie Christian Ponder has made me a believer in him. 2nd week in a row he came out to play hard ball and gave the on-fire Cam Newtown (3 TDs) a run for his money.
  • Adrian Peterson showed us all why he’s #1 in the league in rushing yards. Dude had a combined total of 162 yds rushing and receiving. You. Go. Boy!
  • As an aside: Stevie Smith, please sit your douche-bag ass down.
  • Felt bad for my “bro-in-law” Eli against the Dolphins. It seemed he was struggling to find a player who came to play in the 1st half–passes just falling from the sky uncaught. SMH. He still managed to wear the Manning name well with 349 yds and 2 TDs.
  • Is it just me, or did Reggie Bush look like he was back to his old, Kim K-dating rookie self in this game? He rushed for 105 yds, almost as many yards as he had all last season!
  • Speaking of Reggie’s rookie year team, ummmm has anyone checked the trauma unit to see how the Saints are doing? I’m pretty sure St. Tebow would agree that they’re going to need serious prayer to recover… *moment of silence*
  • Who saw THAT win coming? Karma, that’s who! Suckas!
    • Tweet: edthesportsfan: The Saints ran the score up on the Colts last week, and now they struggling with the Rams. #Karma
  • I’m flabbergasted that one of the top QBs in the league got SON’D (2 INTs) by one of the worst defenses in the league. YIKES!! Not to mention the Rams were playing with their backup QB (Feeley)!!!
  • Despite an abysmal performance by the Saints, gotta give props to the Rams for getting their Midwest Swaaang on to get their FIRST WIN this season, only 2 days after the Cards brought the World Series Championship home toSt. Louis!! #kudos
  • While we’re on the subject of saints, would anyone like to offer any excuses for The Tebow’s un-saintly performance against  the Lions? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…. *taps foot*
  • I kept waiting for the 2nd-coming of Tebow—you know, where he plays like a paid pro QB in the last 5 min to save his team from a loss—but that 6 TD comeback never came! Drats!  *snaps*
    • Tweet: NewYork2VA: That interception was the final nail in Tee-bus’ cross.
  • Oh, in case you hadn’t heard, the Lions called Tesus the worst QB in football. So did the Denver press. So did my labmate JT2. So did I. So did his QB rating. So did ESPN. *shrug*
  • Sidenote: the “Tebowing” epidemic, doe?!?! LMBO I didn’t realize this was a thing until just recently. The whole thing is sooo rude (I mean, can the man pray? lol) but it is sooo hilarious! Those Tebowing pics have me WEAK! And Lions’ Tulloch doing it during the game was just icing on the molding Tebow cake!
  • In other news, my boy Lions QB Matt Stafford was BALLIN!!! 3 Despite that knee injury last week, he got right back in the game and threw for 3 TDs.
  • EVERY week I think “this is Indy’s week to win” and EVERY week I’m wrong. They are doomed. No bouncing back. SMH.
  • As per usual, my soul weeps for my boo Peyton.
  • Meanwhile, Chris Johnson is still terrible. I need to remove him from my fantasy team PRONTO.
  • I didn’t think the Redskins could get any worse. But… much like hopes for an Indy win, I was wrong. #oops
  • Maybe keisha brown4 being in a foreign country made them nervous? Shut down and shut out! ¯O/¯
  • Meanwhile, Buffalo went IN! Bills defense had 9 sacks (poor Beck) and Fred Jackson did his best Drizzy impression and was ON ONE (120 yds rushing, 74 yds receiving)!! #CanadaFTW
  • The Steelers win over the Pats was HUGE!!!!
  • It seemed like Brady hardly touched the ball (only had possession for 21 min, turning that into a season-low of 198 yds) and spent his time sulking on the sideline. #victory
  • I kinda feel like we should have had a bigger win (that turnover was bad news), with our offense playing against the worst defense in the league. Oh well… *shrug*
    • Tweet: DragonflyJonez:  The Patriots defense is a bunch of Girl Scouts. They’re out there in the Trefoils package. Watch for the Samoa blitz.
  • My labmate JT’s take on this game: and the Steelers victory may have been one of the most important regular season victories in the current decade. there’s no link for that. i just know that it is correct.” Welp, there ya go LMBO!
  • Eagles kicked Cowboy ARSE!!! Vick and his offense looked stellar out there!! I know my mom was proud 🙂
  • Kinda funny that Rob (as in Ryan) said the Cowboys would be the ones to beat the Eagles asses. He and Rex really gotta do better on the trash talk and subsequent follow through. (Psssst, STFU Ryan Twins—it never ends well for yall).
  • Anybody care to explain to me when Rivers made the fall from elite QB grace (rating over last few previous seasons) down to Nacho-esque levels???? This season, he has more INTs than TDs! Disgraceful!
    • Text from my bro: “When did Philip Rivers leave the land of Manning, Brees, Brady and Ben and become President of the Brady Quinn Club?”
  • This whole game was a SHAM and a mockery of football! 8 turnovers in the game, the most in NFL history?! CMON, MAYNE!!
  • The fact this game, AGAINST THE CHEFS, even had to go into OT is just… *deep sigh of disgust* #iCant


  • Every team in the AFC north has a top ten scoring defense, essentially making the AFC North the best defensive division in the NFL. AFC North literally out there holdin ninjas down! So, um, yeah, GO STILLERS! lol
  • GB (as a team) has given up the 2nd fewest penalty yards in the league.  Meaning, they don’t shoot themselves in the foot and make their wins more difficult. On the flip side,Oakland wins the “more likely to collect penalties than Kris Humpries is to collect alimony” award.

The Fan Fare
What is your favorite thing about the NFL, beside the actual game?

Papa Gem says: Seeing players that I watched in college do well in the NFL (i.e. Sanchez, Tebow, Newton, O.J., Jim Brown, Marcus Allen).  Watching successful professionals give back to the community (i.e. Brees, Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, Chris Akins).  It’s nice to see guys get college degrees that play NFL football.  Something to ponder – a college graduate (football player) that never makes it to the NFL (gets cut) goes home and, on average makes over $600,000 more money over his chosen career than the guy without a degree, who gets cut.  These players are abandoning a free college education to go pro, even though the chances of them lasting four years in the NFL is less than 20%.

Mama Gem says:  I am all about the personalities, the real life struggles that these men get through to become and/or stay NFL players.  The young man whose parents died and he is taken in by a family who nurtures him and encourages his dream to play in the NFL.  The young man raised by his single parent mother who works hard, gets in the NFL and then buys his mom a house.  I love that despite all his troubles, Michael Vick is becoming a better man and the quarterback that everyone thought he could be, that he is learning to appreciate his gift and nurtures that skill by studying and learning more about what he needs to do to be better, in part, because of the nurturing of coaches past and present..  I love that football has room for all kinds of men to flourish and play together. I love the game…

Tebowing like a champ (unlike Tebow),

1 Seriously. Flacco’s rating is 75.4. Worse than Nacho (83.0). SMH.
2 JT is probably the most cynical and critical person I know in this world. His opinions about football, especially, are hilarious to me because they are rude as hell, but so true.
3 I didn’t start him this week in fantasy because I didn’t want to take the chance he wouldn’t play the whole game. Instead, I put in Flacco. (-_-) What a HUGE mistake. SMDH I’ll never doubt Matt again!!!!
4 For those who don’t know, KB is fromToronto aka TO 🙂

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  • Reply Wu Young, Agent of M.E. November 2, 2011 at 10:17 am

    What Papa Gem said makes so much sense. College players who are good are pressured to leave after their junior year to go pro because the money is too good. I never understood this train of thought. If you are a beast now, you’ll be a beast a year from now. Many of these kids black and white may have never attended college if not because of their talent so why not utilize it. For the black players I look at it like this–There are tons of black men in the NFL but not nearly enough with degrees.

    I’ll be back with actual football talk.

    • Reply gemmieboo November 2, 2011 at 2:42 pm

      yeah man, Papa Gem hit the nail on the head. it is probably the thing i like least about football, knowing that so many guys are going to seek the instant gratification of entering the league, just because they can. it makes me sad knowing their likelihood of succeeding (esp long-term) is so low. SMH

  • Reply madscientist7 November 2, 2011 at 10:18 am

    i scored 52 points this week. total. smh i should just trash this season. between chris johnson, peyton hillis and phillip rivers pulling disappearing acts and kenny britt on injured reserve there is no saving my season.

    • Reply gemmieboo November 2, 2011 at 2:46 pm

      i have PH too. last week was just disgraceful for my squad. last week with ALL my good players on bye, i had to start Brees and he goes and blows it. SMDH what makes it worse is that i hand picked this team, while in my other team (where im kicking ass) was all autodraft (half the players id never heard of, sad to say). *sigh*

  • Reply Resolving & Evolving « That's What GEM Said January 13, 2012 at 10:47 am

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